My JOEverse

While writing my dio-stories, I realized that the back story of my Joe universe alone would take chapters upon chapters of dio story to tell, so I decided to present it in the form of an illustrated story instead. 


M.A.R.S. industries, the legitimate weapons development and sales company of James McCullen.  For centuries McCullen's family sold illegal weapons, under the name of clan "Destro," to anyone willing to pay, regardless of moral standing.  After the clan's competitors ran them out of most gun markets, McCullen tried to turn a profit by manufacturing, and creating new weapons and bidding on government contracts.  However, when the money from illegal sales began to dry up, M.A.R.S. was almost forced to shut down.  Then the day came that McCullen was approached by a used car salemen and his trusted "investors" introducing themselves as the leaders of a new organization known as Cobra.


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